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  • Q How long does it take for production and shipment?


    It is up to your quantity, normally 10-20 days for production. About 7 days for air shipment and 10-30 days for sea shipment.

  • Q What is the MOQ and price?


    MOQ 500 pairs for our existing models. After negotiating the sole details, we will offer the quotation.    

  • Q Can you make custom shoe sole?


    For our existing model, the logo, color, hardness of sole can be customized. For your new design, we have sole mould factory to make custom shoe sole, the cost depends on the specific customization requirements. 

  • Q How can I buy a sample sole?


    Please share your requirements(size, color, quantity) of sample sole, we can send sample by courier. 

  • Q Can you ship sole to my country?


    We ship sole to all the countries, we have an agent to manage the shipment if you need.

  • Q Are EVA shoe soles water-resistant?

    A EVA shoe soles are inherently water-resistant, making them suitable for activities in wet or damp environments. However, they are not completely waterproof.
  • Q Can EVA shoe soles be recycled?

    A Yes, EVA shoe soles can be recycled. Many manufacturers are incorporating recycled EVA or utilizing post-consumer waste in their production processes.
  • Q Do EVA shoe soles provide good arch support?

    A EVA shoe soles can provide moderate arch support. However, for individuals with specific foot conditions or high arches, customized orthotic inserts may be recommended.
  • Q Are EVA shoe soles suitable for outdoor activities?

    A Yes, EVA shoe soles are highly suitable for outdoor activities due to their lightweight construction, slip resistance, and durability.
  • Q Can EVA shoe soles be repaired if damaged?

    A In most cases, damaged EVA shoe soles cannot be repaired. It is advisable to replace the sole to maintain the shoe's performance and comfort.
  • Q Do rubber sole manufacturers recycle rubber shoe soles?

    A Normally, the rubber shoe soles cannot be recycled by ourselves, there are specialized institutions for recycling rubber materials.
  • Q Do rubber soles contribute to foot odor?

    A Rubber sole is a kind of waterproof sole, because of its good sealing, will not let any odor into or out of shoes, so it will not contribute to foot odor. 
  • Q Are there any allergy concerns with rubber shoe soles?

    A No, but if the individual has the allergic constitution, need to pay attention to be careful not to contact the rubber sole for a long time.
  • Q Are rubber soles suitable for all types of weather conditions?


    A: There are variety of rubber sole material, like NBR, BR, NR, SBR, each of them has special chemical/physical resistance to suitable for all types of weather conditions, like anti-slip, cold resistant, oil resistance, electric hazard proof, etc. 

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