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Four Timeless Pairs of Shoes That Have Been in Style for Half A Century

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Comfort remains the key theme this summer.

During the days when we were forced to press pause, our feet did not tread far. As we embark once again, we all need shoes that make our steps lighter and our strides more effortless.

These four classic flats have walked through half a century and remain the shoes every woman wants to own in her lifetime.

1. CHANEL Ballerina

CHANEL Ballerina

In 1984, shortly after Karl Lagerfeld became the creative director of CHANEL, he drew inspiration from Coco Chanel's classic two-tone slingback, blending it with the elegance of ballet shoes to design the simple yet sophisticated ballerina.

Compared to the slingback, ballerina shoes have a lower heel and a rounder toe, increasing comfort levels.

CHANEL Ballerina 2

The beauty of CHANEL's ballerina flats lies in the variations of the upper material and the toe color combination. Coco Chanel’s inherent elegance and rebellious spirit can be expressed through these variations. Classic textures like tweed and quilted patterns often appear on the shoes, with the toe sometimes extending the same color scheme or offering a contrasting change.

The beige and black ballerina is the most classic model.

Chanel once said of the slingback, "Wear beige and black heels in the morning, wear them to lunch, wear them to cocktail parties, and one pair does it all from morning till night."

Today, Lagerfeld's designed ballerinas still serve the same purpose, fitting seamlessly from morning to night, from everyday life to the stage, from mundane details to poetic journeys.

2. Carel Mary Jane

Carel Mary Jane

Mary Janes have become increasingly popular over the past few years. However, the original comes from Carel, a handcrafted brand born in the 1950s in France.

With their delicate round toes and slender straps, these shoes are elegant and vintage yet practical and comfortable for walking.

French writers Simone de Beauvoir and Françoise Sagan, who wore Carel’s Mary Janes, could be seen discussing equality with men in cafés along the Seine, heralding the dawn of the women's liberation movement.

Carel Mary Jane 2

The 4cm Kina is the hottest pair, retro and elegant, yet very practical, and just the right height. Fashion-savvy IT Girl Miss Zhong owns them in various colors.

The 2cm Peche is a slingback style, showing some skin, perfect for a refreshing summer.

3. G.H.BASS Loafer

G.H.BASS Loafer

The versatile loafer is a must-have flat for stylish women.

While luxury loafers are plentiful today, none vary far from the classic G.H.BASS loafers.

In 1930, G.H.BASS introduced the iconic loafer series WEEJUNS, featuring a long leather strip across the top where a penny could be placed, later known as the "penny loafer."

G.H.BASS Loafer 2

Presidents like John F. Kennedy, icons like Audrey Hepburn, and royalty such as Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco were all known to wear these classic WEEJUNS.

To this day, G.H.BASS continues to produce traditional penny loafers, tassel loafers, and horsebit loafers, focusing more on leather quality and comfort.

G.H.BASS Loafer 3

Perhaps a simple pair of loafers is a perennial favorite that never goes out of style.

4. Birkenstock Ugly Shoes

Birkenstock Ugly Shoes

Birkenstocks refer to shoes designed by the German brand Birkenstock, established in 1774 and now owned by the world's largest luxury group, LVMH.

The most famous are the Arizona sandals with two wide straps and the Boston clog, often seen on Hollywood celebrities.

The shoes' most distinctive feature is the sole, made of cork and rubber, comfortable and fitting, carrying us through the toughest three years. This comfort is still too precious to lose today.

They may not look attractive, but their irreplaceable comfort supports correct foot pressure, maintaining a healthy gait. Moreover, the trend of 'ugly shoes' in the fashion industry continues, epitomizing effortless chic.

Birkenstock Ugly Shoes 2

Sometimes, it is precisely the bulky and solid nature of the shoes that accentuates the delicacy and beauty of clothing and the feminine silhouette.

Birkenstock Ugly Shoes 3

Good fashion is not just about looking beautiful.

It may not always look glamorous or high-end, but it should liberate women from past constraints, helping them walk better paths in life.

As Issey Miyake said, "Shoes that can be worn anytime, that you can travel with," are what most women truly need.

Comfort and timeless shoes must feature high quality and durable shoe soles. As a professinonal shoe sole manufacturer, Huadong Sole can provide you with high qualiy shoe soles in bulk at affordable price! Contact us now!

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