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Sustainable Fashion Stems From Allbirds' Highly Comfortable Wool Shoes

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How to create a pair of shoes that consumers find comfortable to wear?

Consumers' pursuit of sustainable development and environmental awareness is driving the global fashion industry towards a more environmentally friendly and sustainable direction. Under this trend, many brands such as Allbirds have become representatives of sustainable fashion. As a leading shoe sole manufacturer in China, Huadong Sole Manufacturer also has the opportunity to draw inspiration from Allbirds' experience and accelerate its transformation towards sustainable development.

1. What did Allbirds do?

In the era of big data, brands have many choices—you can collect the foot bone sizes of a hundred thousand people, calculate the walking routes of millions of people, or even pinpoint the shoe-wearing scenes of tens of millions of people. However, like Allbirds, you can also adjust a pair of shoes forty times based on consumer feedback.

The ballet flats, which became the best-selling item in flagship stores after their launch, were because female consumers said they wanted a pair of shoes they could wear to work;

The rainy shoes with Puddle Guard coating to make them water-repellent, combined with reflective shoelaces, were because consumers in the UK said they needed waterproof shoes because it rains frequently;

And the launch of socks was also because consumers said they wanted to wear them with socks. The comfort and sustainable concepts conveyed by Allbirds have also been recognized by consumers one by one, allowing them to meet various consumer demands without any compromise.

Allbirds' wool shoe

The journey of upgrading wool shoes:

It is well known that Allbirds, which broke through and grew with a pair of wool shoes, has always adhered to "minimalism" in shoe design, rejecting the stacking of complex color blocks and flashy logos. After all, the wearing experience brought by the comprehensive ZQ merino wool and technological midsole is enough to explain that "high-end materials often only need the simplest cooking." But even though the concept of minimalist fashion has taken root, surprises still abound in the newly launched second-generation wool casual shoes, the Wool Runner 2, this year.

A comfortable pair of shoes tests the coordination and cooperation of the toe, vamp, shoelace, tongue, heel, and sole. The Wool Runner 2 has also made comprehensive adjustments to these details—

A more spacious toe space gives the toes flexible and unrestrained movement, with zero pressure;

The forward-shifted U-shaped shoelace mouth on the vamp gives the shoelaces a more scientific point of force, making the overall shoe body more symmetrical, compact, and fitting to the toes;

The tongue changes from convex to concave shape, always fitting the foot surface, reducing its presence. The brand logo sewn vertically on the tongue balances low-keyness and recognizability, making it both beautiful and comfortable;

The improved heel after the shoe last adopts a plastic design conforming to human anatomy, ensuring consistent and comfortable fit, and preventing ankle abrasions and bleeding, which are difficult to avoid in many shoes.

In addition, the killer feature of the Wool Runner 2 wool shoes is the application of natural materials that Allbirds has always adhered to, giving consumers more surprises in terms of experience.

Allbirds' wool shoe

On the Wool Runner 2, Allbirds has chosen natural merino wool from New Zealand that has passed ZQ-certified certification. The diameter of each wool fiber is less than one twentieth of a human hair, avoiding traditional materials such as leather and plastic used in casual shoes, and still ensuring strong abrasion resistance and beautiful appearance.

As for the sole, the Wool Runner 2 wool shoes use the SweetFoamTM midsole developed from sugarcane, with an increased foam content of 14%, significantly improving the feeling of bouncing and cushioning when stepping on clouds during running and jumping. On the outer side of the midsole, a brand-new ribbed pattern design is adopted, which is more textured and expressive in appearance, blurring the boundary between the shoe body and the sole. The concise design brings a more integrated recognizability.

All the minor upgrades are to bear the praise of "the most comfortable shoes in the world" and to adhere to the interpretation of "sustainable development new fashion" through practical actions. On Instagram and Facebook, many people have expressed that the long-lasting and sustainable raw materials are important reasons for them to continue buying Allbirds, and what was once the persistence of a few people is now becoming the resonance of more and more people, consumers in more and more countries and regions.

2. What inspiration has Huadong Sole Manufacturer gained?

As a consumer or shoe manufacturer pursuing high comfort and sustainability in fashion, after introducing the legendary wool shoes of Allbirds, I believe you must be eager to put on a pair of such shoes or produce such high-quality shoes. The fashion and new technology of Allbirds are indeed irresistible.

As a shoe sole manufacturer with thirty years of experience, we are yearning for this green and sustainable natural material. We have always focused on producing soles for some of the world's leading footwear brands, from rubber-pressed soles to injection-molded TR soles. We are a trusted supplier in the global market.

For shoe manufacturers,  it may cost more to purchase the same replicas of Allbirds' Sweet Foam midsole, and if only from an environmental perspective, ETPU can also reduce environmental impact by using sustainable production processes and materials. ETPU midsoles can be a good alternative option. As ordinary consumers, we can also choose ETPU midsoles to experience this ultimate comfort.

2.1 Natural and environmentally friendly ETPU midsole

Compared with traditional shoe materials, ETPU (is a material with ultra-high elasticity, super light density, high wear resistance, and bend resistance. It uses physical foaming, which, compared with EVA chemical foaming, has no odor and is environmentally friendly and recyclable. After molding, it presents a popcorn-like shape, with excellent resilience and deformation recovery, abrasion resistance, and wear resistance. The wet-slip performance far exceeds that of traditional EVA materials.


Shock absorption performance: ETPU midsole has excellent shock absorption performance, which can effectively absorb ground impact force, reduce pressure on feet and joints, and provide a comfortable walking experience. This allows people wearing shoes to feel more comfortable when walking or exercising for a long time.


The rebound value of ETPU foam can reach 60%, significantly higher than that of EVA. It is equivalent to the shoe rebounding after landing, and the midsole has greater resilience when landing, effectively reducing muscle fatigue and muscle tremors. It can quickly return to its original state after each step, providing continuous support and stability for the feet, reducing fatigue, and helping to improve sports performance.


Recycling: ETPU is a non-petroleum mineral derivative that is easy to degrade. It can degrade in as little as 1-3 years or as long as 3-5 years. It is natural and environmentally friendly! ETPU midsoles are usually made from renewable materials or recycled materials, such as biodegradable polymers or recycled polyurethane. These materials help reduce the consumption of natural resources and reduce the negative impact on the environment.

2.2 What can Huadong Sole Manufacturer do?

From Allbirds' Sweet FoamTM midsole with 14% increased foam content to sustainable ETPU midsoles, it's hard not to notice the emphasis and praise of today's society on environmentally friendly and sustainable development concepts.

SweetFoamTM midsole

As a leading shoe sole manufacturer, we promise:

Use of environmentally friendly materials: Choose renewable materials or recycled materials to produce soles to reduce the consumption of natural resources and environmental pollution. For example, use biodegradable rubber or recycled rubber to make soles to reduce the negative impact on the environment.

Energy saving and emission reduction: Take various measures to reduce energy consumption and emissions during the production process. This includes optimizing production line equipment, improving process flow, and improving energy utilization efficiency to reduce environmental impact.

Waste management: Implement effective waste management measures, including waste classification, recycling, reuse, etc., to reduce waste pollution and damage to the environment. At the same time, find innovative methods to handle waste and turn it into valuable resources.

Environmental certification: Obtain environmental certification to prove that our products meet environmental standards and requirements.

Do every pair of soles well, from quality control to synchronized concepts.

3. Conclusion

Allbirds' wool shoe

"The most comfortable shoes in the world" is not a small title. It sounds like Allbirds has already touched the ceiling of a pair of shoes. But in fact, to advance to the next stage of sustainable development—whether it stems from natural innovation, the possibility exploration of materials such as sugarcane, eucalyptus, Trino, or everything is simplified, focusing on the ultimate comfort design, as an enterprise that considers the earth-friendly, human-friendly, and social responsibility, Allbirds has always been seeking "upwards and onwards".

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