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Using Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) in Your New Shoe Design

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Is Tpe The Best Material For Making Shoes?

The evolution of footwear, particularly in terms of sustainable development, has advanced significantly with the introduction of various materials and components.

TPE material is one such material that can be used to produce comfortable and more sustainable footwear. Its many properties, compared to other natural and synthetic materials, such as softness and durability, are distinct. However, whether TPE material is the best material for your shoes depends on the characteristics required by your design.

Using Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) in Your New Shoe Design

Properties of TPE Material

Thermoplastic Elastomers, commonly known as TPE materials, are a class of blend-modified materials based on chemical synthetics like styrenic block copolymers, thermoplastic polyurethanes, and copolyesters.

Simply put, it's what makes our steering wheels grippy, our water bottles soft and transparent, and our shoes more durable.

The beneficial properties of TPE include different hardness levels, adhesion, transparency, and differentiated tactile and skin-friendly sensations. But how do these properties apply to our choice of footwear materials?

The right TPE material can help add a sense of value to your design without increasing your budget, especially when applying customized TPE material specifications to your product. Hardness can be selected within different Shore hardness scales, such as OO, A, and D, allowing you to decide the softness of your shoes. The adhesive properties of TPE materials make their application in shoes straightforward.

Transparency and color are also selectable features that can differentiate your product from others, especially those with innovative designs. Differentiated tactile and skin-friendly sensations also determine how comfortable consumers feel while wearing the shoes.

Let's Look at the Specific Applications of TPE Material in Footwear

Specific Applications of TPE Material in Footwear


The midsole is a key component in shoes for cushioning, support, stability, and shock absorption, all of which require high comfort levels. This is why TPE material is often used in midsole production, providing a significantly higher level of softness compared to traditional materials like EVA foam. It can also be molded into complex shapes to enhance cushioning, support, and shock absorption capabilities.

Heel Counter

The heel counter provides strength, structure, and stability to the back of the shoe. TPE material has proven suitable for this component as it can be processed into precise shapes, creating a comfortable fit while maintaining flexibility during movement.


The vamp is the part of the shoe that holds the foot in place during walking or running, requiring both support and flexibility. TPE material has been successfully used to improve these features, providing excellent stretchability with its unique composition.


The welt is the component that connects the upper part of the shoe to the sole. TPE again demonstrates its special performance here, maintaining lightweight while also being strong enough to provide lasting durability, even over time and wear.


The shank supports the arch under the shoe, making the midsole stiffer. A stiffer shank allows the shoe to bend only at the toes (not at the arch) and resists excessive twisting and bending.

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