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What Is Cork Shoe?

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What's a cork shoe? It's a special kind of wooden shoe. To be called a cork shoe, it needs two things: (1) the bottom has bits of cork and rubber, and (2) the cork midsole of the shoe conforms to the shape of the human foot's structure. Cork isn't regular wood—it's bark, thick bark. They use the same stuff for wine corks.

cork osk trees

Are Cork Shoes Hard?

Cork granules themselves are soft, but cork shoes are generally firm. The midsole that you step on is made by pressing together cork granules and natural rubber. Both of these materials can be molded, meaning they adjust as you wear them. Initially, they shape to your foot, and over time, they fit snugly.

Are Cork Shoes Heavy?

Cork shoes aren't heavy; they're about the same weight as regular plastic flip-flops.

cork shoe

Can They Get Wet?

Cork shoes are okay with water. The cork and rubber in the sole are pressed together tightly by machines, so they won't fall apart. But like any shoes, it's best not to let them soak for too long, especially in seawater. If they get wet, just rinse them off and let them air dry."

Where Cork Shoe Sole Manufacturer & Supplier?

If you have any questions about cork shoe soles, feel free to contact us. As a professional cork sole manufacturer, Huadong Sole IS eager to share information about cork soles with you. If you are a shoe manufacturer preparing for cork shoe mass production, you need to find a reliable and professional sole manufacturer. We are confident that we can be your most satisfactory supplier. Customers have highly recognized our shoe sole quality and response speed.


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